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Fic: Sweets - Part 17 Final!

Title:  Sweets

Author: pawshingo

Pairing: Yoochun/Changmin, Yoochun/Yunho, Jaejoong/Min (one-sided)

Genre: fluff, angst

Rating: G

Disclaimer: I don’t own them, if I did I would personally make sure nothing stands in their way to reach their fans.

Summary: Park Yoochun is a well known radio DJ with and a favourite among contemporary, easy listening music fans including a shy but talented pastry chef named Shim Changmin. Every once a week, Changmin would quietly leave a food gift for his favourite DJ. He only leaves a note with the name of the gift and the phrase, bon appetite.

Part 17

Tags: # all fanworks, * fanworks: fic: changmin/yoochun
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